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    PrintyPix - your friend when it comes to stickers

    Do you know the feeling when you don't know how to learn effectively? Or have to go to the nearest photo shop to print out your stickers/pictures? From flashcards to learning stickers to to-do lists, this printer can do it all and more. We know how big and loud some printers can be. The PrintyPix is ​​quiet and so handy that it almost fits in your pocket.

    The printer that works

    As already mentioned, the large printer can usually be left out in the future, because the PrintyPix:

    • is handy
    • Doesn't have to be constantly connected to the power like that conventional printers
    • has different types of paper (colorful, white, transparent, adhesive, non-adhesive)
    • has excellent print quality
    • has a wireless connection
    • works without ink

      It is also very easy to use and is done with an app called “Pmemomo”. The app allows you to connect your phone or tablet to the printer and create your designs. You can find the link to download here: for AppStore , for Google Play Store .

      Versatile paper to choose from

      Boring paper? None! With the PrintyPix you can choose between colors and color combinations when purchasing. Examples of this can be found in the product images. Do you just want to print non-sticky pieces of paper? No problem! When purchasing, you can easily choose between adhesive and non-adhesive paper.

      Why the PrintyPix?

      If you want a device that is small, compact, versatile and can be used anywhere, look no further than the PrintyPix.

      Get a 20% discount now with the PrintyPix package . The PrintyPix in combination with different paper variants for long-lasting printing fun.

      If you have any further questions about the product, please contact us at: .

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